Les Larmes du Tigre

Fine Thai cuisine

For nearly 30 years les Larmes du Tigre has taken our customers on a journey through the refined tastes of Thailand.


Thursdays at Les Larmes du Tigre

After our Sunday ‘‘Thai Buffet’’ and Tuesday ‘‘Thai Noodle Soups’’, we are delighted to invite you on Thursday evenings to our ‘‘Tigre Thursdays’’.

Lunch of the Day

Tuesday: Thaï Noodles Soup

Duck, roast pork, beef or chicken generously served on a bowl of authentic Thai Noodle Soup, straight from a Bangkok street corner! In addition to a choice of meat, we offer you two different broths – including the famous Tom Yam – and of course, plenty of condiments and seasoning.

Les Jeudis des Larmes du Tigre

Our chef invites you to rediscover the real taste of Thai cooking.

This week:


Smoothie Pataya or Smoothie Pongsak

Selection of starters

Sate Moo
Marinated pork on skewer
Small prawns in a loempia-pastry
Khao Pan Nung
Steamed stuffed rice



Selection of main courses

Yam Nua Ple
Beef salad with mint and lime
Gaing Khiaw Wan Kai
Chicken with green curry
Kung Plamuk Phak
Prawn and squid with vegetables
Khao Khao
ThaÎ rice


Tigre Tigre or Coffee or Jasmine Tea


½ Still of sparkling water
½ Domaine Galetis Sauvignon (Pays d'Oc)
½ Domaine Galetis Merlot (Pays d’Oc)
Menu 35,00 €
Download PDF.

Menu “Découverte”

Our chefs prepare a special menu of six courses for €45.
Download menu Découverte.